SheepMedical promotes business management that takes into account sustainability, and aims to solve social issues through its core business to achieve the goals of the SDGs. In addition, through the development of internal human resource systems, we support employees to take ownership so that every employee can embody our corporate vision of “100 years of joyful living starts with new daily habits.”

SDGs from SheepMedical

Promoting SDGs through our core business, aiming to solve social issues in the field of pre-disease

SheepMedical designed its business model for preventative dental and health care to extend healthy life expectancy with little investment and to reduce the burden of increasing medical costs.
SheepMedical will also contribute to the spread of high-quality digital dental technology on a global scale by transferring the knowledge of orthodontic aligner manufacturing to its Asian bases.
SheepMedical plans to pursue its own profits by providing affordable, innovative, and high quality while also increasing public and private R&D spending, promoting scientific research in various locations including developing countries, and improving technical capabilities.
SheepMedical is actively transferring its manufacturing and corporate supply chain operations to a CSR-conscious format. Additionally, we are expanding our innovation partnerships through joint research with well-known universities.

*News on the SDGs promotion loan to SheepMedicalfrom Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation.

SDGs in SheepMedical

Promoting SDGs through work environment improvements for our employees to become “proposer of 100 Years Of Joyful Living Starting with New Daily Habits” themselves

At SheepMedical, we view our team’s well-being as an extension of SDGs/ESGs efforts.
We believe that scalable success comes from an environment where employees and the company can grow together in a sustainable manner. Instilling a sense of ownership in the corporate philosophy encourages employees’ active engagement in joyful living.
To encourage our team to embody our vision of “100 years of joyful living starts with new daily habits”, SheepMedical provides tailored support for each individual. Our integrated human resources systems support professional development, leading to sustainable company growth with a diversified team on a global scale.

*News on the Eruboshi certification at the highest level of Grade 3 to SheepMedical from the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare of Japan (MHLW).

*News on the establishment of our Equality Codes of Conduct.

Sustainable  Bonus

SheepMedical offers a "Sustainable Bonus" to employees who take over duties during short-term leaves of absence for childcare or nursing care. The program is positioned as a reward from management for employees who support colleagues on short-term leave and aims to foster a culture of positive support among employees as they go through life stage changes.

Ifyou would like to know more about the image and details of the SustainableBonus program, please download the document from the form below. Also, Pleasenote that the information in the document is provided in Japanese only.

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Health and Management at Sheep

SheepMedical actively engages in preventative care solutions for physical and mental health.

We believe prioritizing the well-being of every employee embodies our corporate vision of “100 years of joyful living starts with new daily habits.”

*Status in Japan: Black=in-progress, Gray=to be implemented
*Local benefits schedule to apply

Physical health
・Free gym for employees (Itabashi)
・Health checkups and health practice advice by industrial physicians
・Company discount for products provided by Sheep
・Award recognition for employees who maintain and improve their health

Mental health
・Free self-testing of business personality and reports from HR
・Advisory, same as above
・Participation in external training
・Support for enrichment of personal life (including flextime system and mandatory male childcare leave)

HR system to develop potential
・Sabbatical leave
・Global Job posting

・Stretch assignments
・FB based on strengths
・At least once a month
・Assignment changes based on agreement on career development

Other measures
・Overtime regulations and labor management
・Harassment countermeasures office
・Support system for childcare and nursing care generation (various work systems such as shortened working hours, baby-sitter subsidy system, etc.)

CSR at SheepMedical

SheepMedical Group promotes CSRprocurement throughout the supply chain in collaboration with suppliers, takinginto consideration human rights, labor, the environment, and anti-corruption.

1.Compliance with laws and regulations and respect for international codes of conduct
We comply with the laws and regulations of each country and region, and respectinternational codes of conduct. SheepMedical promotes fair and equitable procurement activities within each region of operation.

2.Consideration for human rights, labor, and health and safety
SheepMedical will eliminate child and forced labor from our supply chain. We respect the fundamental human rights of those involved in our supply chain by considering their work environment, health, and safety in every project.  

3.Ensuring safety, security, and quality
We promote CSR activities to ensure high-quality products supplied stably in acost efficient and safe manner.  

4.Caring for the Global Environment
We encourage procurement activities that consider the sustainment of the global environment.  

5.Maintaining Information Security
We strictly manage confidential information related to procurement transactions and do not use it for any purpose other than authorized objectives. 

6.Coexistence with society
We advocate for procurement activities that offer a social contribution toward coexistence with society.

Click here for more information on our CSR procurement policies, including guidelines for our business partners.

Corporate Governance,
and Compliance

At SheepMedical, ESG Promotion Committee is held monthly to discuss each measure in consideration of the environment, society and governance, and across-divisional system to promote such measures has been established. In order to fulfill our global responsibility as a "public institution of society", we are also working on the protection of personal information, risk management, compliance, and strengthening the governance system, as follows.

・Compliance Policy
・CSR procurement policies and guidelines
・Internal compliance training
・Global personal information management structure
・Export management system
・Whistleblower system

Risk Management
・Information security system compliant with NIST SP 800-171
・Group-wide revision system for information asset
・Anti coronavirus measures
・Scrutiny and management of business risks
・Global BCP development