Intestinal Bacteria

The human intestine, often known as the “body’s second brain,” is biologically positioned to influence physical and mental health. At SheepMedical, we strive to improve the body’s internal health by driving the adoption of preventative consumer products, such as our intestinal bacterial testing systems and supplements.

Gut Microbiota Testing

SheepMedical’s intestinal DNA test analyzes the gene sequence of each patient’s intestinal flora with a next-generation sequencer and produces a detailed report on the unique types and proportions of intestinal bacteria. These tests reveal the condition of the “body’s second brain” to inform healthy habits that support physical and mental health.


BIOPORT proposes the nurturing of a healthy body that is not transient. After interview and counseling at the clinic, we provide the most suitable supplements for each customer, and support the creation of a diversity of intestinal microflora that is optimal for each individual.

Human Biotics Academy

Human Biotics Academy is a learning course supervised by the Japanese Society of Intestinal Environmental Nutrition and dedicated to the research of intestinal bacteria’s function in digestion and absorption. Research suggests that the intestine is responsible for 70% of human immune function, making its health essential to the quality of life.