Compliance Policy

Article 1 (Company Mission)
The mission of SheepMedical Co., Ltd. and its group companies (hereinafter, “the Group”) is to contribute to the world and the future by advocating “100 Years Of Joyful Living Starts with New Daily Habits” and creating health solutions for social problems with preventative care.The Group will also promote management with consideration for sustainability. We will aim to solve social issues through our core business in order to achieve Sustainable Development Goals, and will support our employees to take ownership of our corporate vision, “100 Years Of Joyful Living Starts with New Daily Habits,” through development of our in-house personnel system.

Article 2 (Social Responsibility)
The Group is aware that it is a member of society, and will strive to act in a responsible manner without engaging in any unethical conduct in order to respond to the demands of society.

Article 3 (Legal Compliance)
The Group will understand the spirit and purpose of laws, ordinances, notifications, internal rules, etc. related to corporate activities and comply therewith.

Article 4 (Fair Transactions)
The Group will engage in fair and impartial transactions and strictly observe contracts.

Article 5 (Protection of Personal Information)
The Group will endeavor to use personal information in a proper and legal manner, and will take all possible measures to prevent the leakage, damage and loss of such information.

Article 6 (Disclosure of Information)
The Group will keep appropriate books and accounting records and manage the company information appropriately. We will also strive for the proper and timely disclosure of the information.

Article 7 (Respect for Employees)
The Group will foster a corporate culture where the creativity born from each and every employee's unique values and identity is valued and utilized in corporate activities. In addition, we will protect the safety of the workplace and the health of employees, respect human rights, and ensure a healthy working environment free from discrimination.We will not allow inhumane treatment, discrimination or harassment, and will establish a whistleblower system.The Group will also work to promote SDGs under the heading of SDGs in SheepMedical through work environment improvements for our employees to become “proposers of 100 Years Of Joyful Living Starting with New Daily Habits”.

Article 8 (Elimination of Anti-Social Forces)
The Group does not have any relationships with anti-social forces such as organized crime groups, and will resolutely reject any request from an anti-social force to establish a relationship.

Article 9 (Restrictions on Gifts and Entertainment)
The Group will not accept gifts or entertainment that would be inappropriate under normal social conventions.

Article 10 (Prevention of Corruption)
The Group will exercise careful and meticulous consideration in its relationships with public officials and government officials to ensure it is not caught up in corruption.

Enforced on 1st of April, 2022.