SheepMedical offers modern solutions to prominent healthcare industry challenges by using advanced information technology to create a seamless treatment experience. Our digital transformation in healthcare provides first-class services that connect both doctors and patients with high-quality preventive care and treatments.


"haosiru" is our digital service in dentistry, which actively connects clinics and patients to offer enhanced treatment plans and better patient experiences.

《For Patients》
The primary purpose of the haosiru app is to increase patients’ knowledge about oral health through learning their oral condition visualized on this app. Such awareness promote a shift in patients’ mindset from symptomatic-based treatment  to preventative care.

《For Clinics》
"haosiru" allows clinics to digitally document each patient’s condition and to inform patients customized treatment plans optimal for their goals and needs. This approach enables increases in patient satisfaction and better revenue cycle management.

Dental Lab Ordering Management System

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