Research & Development

At SheepMedical, we actively invest in the advancement of preventative care with our innovative technologies and engagement in industry educational opportunities.

Biological Research

Our human body is composed of many diverse types of cells. Every individual’s cell composition, regardless of differentiation states, differs depending on the organ and tissue makeup. As such, all cells respond to various external stimulation according to its function, triggering a process known as intracellular reaction. This biological response occurs frequently and naturally across cell types; however, the most common reaction comes from a change in ion concentration.  

The cell receives various external stimuli from the outside world according to its function, reacts intracellularly, and exhibits a biological reaction. Several types of intracellular reactions occur in response to external stimuli, but the most typical one is a change in ion concentration. For example, when ions flow into the cell from the outside, either in response to an external stimulus or when they are released into the cell from the intracellular ion reservoir, the intracellular ion concentration may increase up to 10 times its original size, causing various biological responses to occur.

At SheepMedical, we discovered that several physical stimuli and chemicals cause these reactions and are currently researching the cell surface sensors involved in these reactions. Since such ionic reactions are thought to be involved in various life phenomena related to human diseases and orthodontics, we are focusing our research on the clinical application of innovative technologies to solve these problems.  

Oral Cavity Bacteria

Although not as prevalent compared to the intestine, the bacteria in the oral cavity are of notable size and significance in the formation of an “oral flora.”
SheepMedical researches oral bacterial flora according to gene sequence analysis, using the next-generation sequencer owned by the Tsurumi Research Institute. In collaboration with Tsurumi University’s Faculty of Dentistry, we are conducting research on oral bacterial flora changes through wire-type orthodontic appliances, which is our main product.

In the future, the comparison of healthy oral flora to patients with bacterial oral diseases will guide the prevention of such diseases and minimize the associated risk factors. Additionally, future research will address the relationship between the oral and intestinal flora, as well as the onset of various lifestyle related diseases, to promote long-term healthy living.

Contract and Joint Research

SheepMedical promotes business operations related to human diseases and orthodontics. To further the advancement of healthy living, our team works to identify the culture and impact of intestinal bacteria and is actively considering additional joint contract research with experts in these fields. Currently, our biology group research focuses on the detection of intracellular ion concentration and the cell surface sensor involved in these reactions, while our gut microbiota group utilizes technology for identification and culture of gut microbiota.

At SheepMedical, we welcome innovation and encourage anyone with transformative research ideas related to these areas and the development of preventative care to contact us.  

The University of Tokyo

Finding the solutions of tomorrow starts with research and development today.

In April of 2020, SheepMedical Co. launched the social collaboration course, “Life Dentistry,” at the University of Tokyo, the top university in Japan. The curriculum analyzes tissue stem cell dynamics and the development of drug and cell therapies for gingival regeneration.

Osaka University

In March of 2021, SheepMedical Co. began joint research on effectively controlling the metabolic balance of bone tissue with Professor Takashi Kaito in the Orthopedic Surgery Department at Osaka University. Our research and analysis focus on the development of comfortable and effective orthodontics, along with the improvement of treatment technology for osteoporosis and bone fractures.

Educational Engagements

SheepMedical is proud to support the development of dental professionals in membership with Japan Mouthpiece Orthodontic Study Group. Our technical case data and research is the largest in Japan and is utilized to improve the knowledge and technical skills of members.

Microbiota Research

SheepMedical merged with Microbiota and inherited the bacterial flora test and bacterial culture technology.

In July 2021, SheepMedical merged with Microbiota, which owns a laboratory at the Yokohama Industry-Academia Joint Research Center. In addition to testing for bacterial flora in the intestines and oral cavity using next-generation sequencers, the company also conducts research to collect, isolate, and cultivate intestinal bacteria from humans. In the bacterial flora test, we are conducting research on changes in intestinal bacteria due to diet and intake of supplements, as well as the effects of wearing orthodontic appliances such as clear aligners on the oral bacterial flora. We are conducting research on useful bacteria, cultivating them at scale, and preserving for long-term storage.

Future Development
- Inspection service to collect and analyze data on oral bacterial flora
- Construction of an intestinal bacteria bank service based on the concept of "useful bacteria for each person.”