We built SheepMedical around the excitement of the unprecedented,
driving our team’s pursuit of expertise.

To ensure our team’s success in all areas of life, we promote high degrees of individual freedom and discretion.
To help our team reach their full potential, we offer overtime reduction measures, child and nursing care support, and employee health care programs and HR systems to support development of all members.

Internal and External SDGs

Diversity and Inclusion

SheepMedical seeks diversity, recognizing each person's unique
humanity and individuality, encouraging everyone to be their best.

・ Diversified team with an international background (Brazil / Taiwan / China / Vietnam, etc.)
・ Diverse group of officers and managers
・ We encourage remote work

Ideal member of Sheep

We are looking for self-driven professionals who are excited by discovering the unknown.

・ Due to the company’s high degrees of freedom and discretionary judgement, each of us must take responsibility for our own ambitions and workstreams.
・ Be a “motivator" rather than a "critic" – trust your own expertise.
・ Respectfully discuss and collaborate with others while considering each individual expertise and experience.

・ Experts in various fields - medical and R&D professionals
・ Entrepreneurs who enjoy providing new value to the world
・ Organizers who improve overall performance by coordinating among stakeholders
・ Technicians and engineers who take pride in manufacturing
・ Practitioners delivering accuracy and certainty

Recruitment Policy

The following recruitment policies serve to ensure the comfort of all candidates during the SheepMedical recruitment process.

1. SheepMedical will provide prior disclosure of the selection process.
2. For candidates residing in Japan, we recommend using the latest resume template from the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare of Japan to ensure a fair recruitment process. *Click this link for details of the latest template for resume3. SheepMedical will provide true information about the company regarding colleagues, business, culture, benefits, and KGI and/or KPI and will work to achieve the best match between candidates and our company.
4. The personal information of applicants and inquirers will be used only for the purpose of selection and will be shared only with limited parties during the selection process. After the selection process, the personal information will be managed and discarded so that no record of it remains.
*Click here for the handling of personal information related to the recruitment process.

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