SheepMedical wins Positive Action Award at Forbes JAPAN WOMEN AWARD 2022

SheepMedical Co., Ltd. (“SheepMedical” or the “Company”), a Tokyo-based medical technology company with operations in 10 markets focused on transforming preventative care with digital technology, received the "Positive Action Award" at the Forbes JAPAN WOMEN AWARD 2022 on October 6, in recognition of its original “Sustainable Bonus” policy.

About Forbes JAPAN WOMEN AWARD 2022

In 2016, Forbes Japan launched the JAPAN WOMEN AWARD to recognize companies that are proactively creating a comfortable and empowering environment for women. Forbes JAPAN conducts surveys of human resource managers, human resource executives, and individual working women at Japanese companies. The winners are selected by a panel of trustees from among the companies and individuals selected in the survey and public vote.

What is the Sustainable Bonus?

To support the various changes in work styles that accompany the stages of life, The Sustainable Bonus program was created to provide regular contract salaried employees with a bonus for taking over for employees on short-term leaves of absence. This allowance is funded by the salary and company insurance exemption of the employee taking the leave, as well as subsidies that can be applied for based on the male employee's maternity leave or nursing care leave performance and is expected to have a minimal impact on managing cash flow, or even a positive impact depending on the circumstance. The goal is to create a win-win situation for the employee taking leave, the supporting co-worker, the company, and to create a sustainable framework of mutual support.

The retirement rate for women in Japan due to childbirth and childcare is 55%, and the rate of men taking childcare leave is still low. The absence of a supportive atmosphere at workplaces for balancing work and childcare is a contributing factor. The Sustainable Bonus was designed to address this issue by building a flow of support among employees and the company so they can look forward to the changes in different life stages and support each other.

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Comment from Tomoyo Umemoto, CAO

We are still in the process of prototyping this system within our company, but we are glad that Forbes JAPAN WOMEN AWARD found this new system worthy of the Positive Action Award. The rapid expansion of remote work in the Corona Disaster has made it impossible to draw a clear line between work and life. In such a rapidly changing landscape of work-life-balance, we hope this Sustainable Bonus system functions as an opportunity for employees to balance their lifestyles and nurtures our corporate culture with diverse values, regardless of age or gender, recalling the "spirit of mutual respect" that has existed in Japan since ancient times, and thereby promoting diversity and long-term business growth.

Details of the Sustainable Bonus Program can be found in the information posted on our Sustainability.

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About SheepMedical

SheepMedical, a medical technology company, promotes the digital transformation of orthodontics and preventive care. As the leading independent Company in the clear aligner business in Japan, SheepMedical focuses on quality, preventative orthodontic care and is building health solutions for today's challenges, and anything tomorrow brings. The SheepMedical story began with the fastest aging yet healthiest population in the world – Japan. With our preventative care model, SheepMedical provides health services seeking to extend global life expectancy.

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