SheepMedical to Expand Its Operation Through a Subsidiary in India

SheepMedical, a medical technology company driving the digital transformation of orthodontics and preventative care, today has announced it has established a subsidiary in India, SheepMedical India Private Limited, to continue its global growth.

“Our goal as a company is demonstrating the truth of our belief, “100 Years of Joyful Living Starts with New Daily Habits,” said Shinya Tabata, Chief Strategy Officer. “We seek to contribute to the smiles of people around the world by providing them with our high-quality aligner services. India is our immediate next step, and we are pleased to have an officially recognized entity established as well as an experienced and successful leader driving the expansion.”

The company has appointed Mr. Bimal Desai as Country Head to drive its business growth in India. Mr. Bimal Desai previously held leadership positions in a wide range of companies, from large corporations to start-ups, and is well-versed in the healthcare and dental sectors, most recently as Country Manager for Straumann Dental India.

“India is an important market for us with one of the largest populations of health and aesthetically conscious youth, millennials, and Gen Z, along with a growing urban population,” said Bimal Desai, Country Head and Director for SheepMedical India. “We are investing in India with a vision of making high-quality clear aligners, developed by leading Japanese orthodontists, available and accessible to the dental community and patients at an affordable price. Our focus remains on delivering the first-class service efficiency, which has been well-established in Japan.”

SheepMedical’s expansion into India is a significant step in their global expansion strategy. As a leading preventative medical company, SheepMedical is committed to providing quality and affordable orthodontic aligner services to countries around the world.

“We are very excited to be establishing our company in India. Our rapid growth is expanding operations across Asia and India and represents a strategic market in our global expansion strategy,” said Takuya Kiriyama, Chief Global Strategist officer of SheepMedical, Japan, and Director of SheepMedical India. “Our long-term plan for India commits to future growth in the broader region alongside our mission to make equally high-quality aligner treatments available and affordable to patients anywhere in the world.”

About SheepMedical

SheepMedical, a medical technology company, promotes the digital transformation of orthodontics. As the leading independent company in the clear aligner business in Japan, SheepMedical focuses on quality, preventative orthodontic care and is building health solutions for today’s challenges, and anything tomorrow brings. The SheepMedical story began with the fastest aging, yet healthiest population in the world – Japan. With our preventative care model, SheepMedical provides health services seeking to extend global life expectancy.