SheepMedical Launches "Smile Arch Project" to Promote Foot Health Literacy

SheepMedical Co., Ltd. ("SheepMedical" or the "Company"), a medical technology company driving the digital transformation of orthodontics and preventative care, today announced the launch of the “Smile Arch Project”  in partnership with “The Foot and Body Institute” to promote foot health literacy in Japan. The project focuses on collaborative content campaigns designed to increase awareness for podiatric health.

Smile Arch Project

The Foot and Body Institute

The “Smile Arch Project” seeks to broaden preventative health measures within Japan’s nascent podiatric practices through the practical application of foot health research. Recent data from “The Foot and Body Institute” suggests balancing the body’s axis with proper foot health and biomechanical technology represents the future of podiatry. By increasing foot health literacy and awareness, SheepMedical intends to build a foundation for preventative foot health practices to enhance healthy habits and lifestyles among the general public.

“Podiatry represents a core field of study in the standardization of preventative healthcare,” said Hirotaka Higashi, Chief Marketing Officer of SheepMedical. “The “Smile Arch Project” advances our advocacy for healthier lifestyles by providing a platform for relating the benefits of foot health with overall quality of life. We believe that a universal knowledge of proper podiatric care will mitigate physical ailments and improve prevention standards.”

In alignment with SheepMedical’s SDGs efforts, the “Smile Arch Project” continues the Company’s contributions to SDG Goal 3 and Goal 10. Following the Company’s receipt of a Sustainable Development Goal (“SDG”) promotional loan from Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, SheepMedical actively advances access to educational health resources to promote the well-being of all members of society.

Research-driven health management and disease prevention methods deployed throughout the “Smile Arch Project” foster healthier habits. The program supports a range of abilities, primarily focusing on approachable activities to improve physical health, such as daily walks.

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SheepMedical, a medical technology company, promotes the digital transformation of orthodontics and preventive care. As the leading independent Company in the clear aligner business in Japan, SheepMedical focuses on quality, preventative orthodontic care and is building health solutions for today's challenges, and anything tomorrow brings. The SheepMedical story began with the fastest aging yet healthiest population in the world – Japan. With our preventative care model, SheepMedical provides health services seeking to extend global life expectancy.