SheepMedical Launches Service of International Flagship Brand, KiyoClear, in China

SheepMedicalCo., Ltd. ("SheepMedical" or the "Company"), a medical technology company driving the digital transformation of orthodontics and preventative care, today announced the launch of KiyoClear’s services in China, making the Company’s high-quality clear aligners accessible to the Chinese dental community as part of its global expansion. This expansion advances KiyoClear’s international presence, following service launches in India, Singapore, and Indonesia earlier this year. As a leading market in Asia, China is positioned to further the use of SheepMedical’s aligner services in a global environment.

“KiyoClear has finally made its official debut in China - a huge market with high growth potential. We feel very honored to be able to provide Chinese patients with the high-quality products and services that we have refined in Japan,” said Xiaoxing Liu, Country Head of China. “With the development of KiyoClear in China, we do not want to simply imitate the success of our aligners in Japan, but rather strive to be a partner that provides patients and clinics with a one-stop beauty and health solution according to the needs of the Chinese market.”

The Chinese population will have the opportunity to experience KiyoClear’s standout Japanese technology, innovative product development, and transparent patient services, all which distinguish the brand as a trusted partner in dental alignment. KiyoClear offers dental alignment solutions designed to retain a patient’s natural teeth and unlock a beautiful smile. All KiyoClear treatment schedules are created according to a patient’s pacing preference, making alignment suitable for any lifestyle.  

“We view China as a leading market in Asia. One of our top priorities is to further progress our products and establish a presence to compete in this exciting market,” said Takuya Kiriyama, Chief Global Strategist. “As a result, we hope that our services will elevate the entire industry to a new level and improve the orthodontic experience for clinic and patients.”

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About KiyoClear

KiyoClear,a premium international clear aligner brand of SheepMedical, provides fast, effective, and convenient orthodontic alignment at an affordable price. Inspired by the Japanese adjective 清らか(kiyoraka), meaning pure and pristine and the English definition of clear, KiyoClear represents the transparent functionality of clear aligner treatments. The brand offers comfortable dental aligner treatments that require minimal inter proximal reduction and extraction therapy by utilizing its patented expander protocol alongside aligners. As at rusted partner in the dental alignment journey, KiyoClear prioritizes promotes individuals’ unique natural beauty with flexible and efficient dental solutions and honest patient care.


SheepMedical,a medical technology company, promotes the digital transformation oforthodontics and preventive care. As the leading independent Company in the clear aligner business in Japan, SheepMedical focuses on quality, preventative orthodontic care and is building health solutions for today's challenges, and anything tomorrow brings. The SheepMedical story began with the fastest aging yet healthiest population in the world – Japan. With our preventative care model, SheepMedical provides health services seeking to extend global life expectancy.