SheepMedical Launches International Aligner Brand, ARRASMILE, in Vietnam

SheepMedical Co., Ltd. ("SheepMedical" or the "Company"), a medical technology company driving the digital transformation of orthodontics and preventative care, today announced the launch of ARRASMILE as its first international aligner brand starting from Vietnam to bring high-quality and affordable dental aligners to the Asian and the global market.

ARRASMILE will be marketed through SheepMedical’s subsidiary in Vietnam, SmileDesign Vietnam Co., Ltd (“SmileDesign”). ARRASMILE services will begin in Hanoi with plans for rapid domestic expansion to the areas of Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang. The brand offers high-quality and affordable orthodontic aligners developed under SheepMedical’s Japanese technology standards and Japanese support in aligner design and production processes. By manufacturing products locally, ARRASMILE reduces production delays to deliver customized orthodontic treatment plans and the aligners on an expedited timeline at an attractive price.

“The ARRASMILE brand represents an exciting time for SheepMedical’s expansion ambitions,” said Takuya Kiriyama, Chief Global Strategist of SheepMedical. “We’re committed to sharing our innovative, research-driven orthodontic technology with the international market in an accessible and affordable capacity. Vietnam’s demand for convenient and quality aligner service primed ARRASMILE’s global debut and positions our technology and brand to continue development throughout Asia and the international market.”

ARRASMILE offers three treatment plans as a solution to various dental problems, such as crooked teeth, mouth spacing, and jaw and bite issues, on a condensed timeline. Treatment courses range from five to fifteen months relative to each case and are determined by a dentist.

ARRASMILE clear aligners

“We’re thrilled to introduce such advanced digital technology to our orthodontic appliances,” said Nguyen Trong Mao, Business Development Director of SmileDesign. “The advanced 3D technology developed by leading Japanese experts, maximizes the accuracy and comfort of every tray and provides our patients access to convenient orthodontic care.”

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About SheepMedical

SheepMedical, a medical technology company, promotes the digital transformation of orthodontics and preventive care. As the leading independent Company in the clear aligner business in Japan, SheepMedical focuses on quality, preventative orthodontic care and is building health solutions for today's challenges, and anything tomorrow brings. The SheepMedical story began with the fastest aging yet healthiest population in the world – Japan. With our preventative care model, SheepMedical provides health services seeking to extend global life expectancy.


ARRASMILE, the first international orthodontic aligner brand of SheepMedical, seeks to bring high-quality and affordable dental aligners to the Asian and the global market through local production. Inspired by the beauty of the Sankayou flower, whose petals resemble glass when wet, ARRASMILE represents the perfect arrangement and alignment of a smile. The brand offers a range of treatments to common dental issues including crooked teeth, mouth spacing, and jaw, and bite issues. ARRASMILE features state-of-the-art design leveraging SheepMedical’s orthodontic domain expertise and experience and the local manufacturing and logistics resources.