SheepMedical Announces Strategic Partnership with the Japan Podiatry Association

SheepMedical Co., Ltd. ("SheepMedical" or the "Company"), a medical technology company driving the digital transformation of orthodontics and preventative care, today announced the Company will partner with the Japan Podiatry Association ("JPA"), a manufacturer and retailer of medical insole-type corrective orthotics, to jointly provide biomechanical support to athletes, focusing on the foot. SheepMedical and JPA have concurrently launched a concept website, "The Foot and Body Institute," to improve foot health literacy in Japan. The website can be found here

The partnership will seek to develop a novel orthotic in-sole promoting preventative health

The companies will build a podiatric literacy website, "The Foot and Body Institute."

Through this partnership and its industry-leading experts, SheepMedical and JPA will seek to develop a simple, effective, and novel orthotic insole. By balancing the body's axis with orthotics using insoles, the partnership aims to offer podiatric support to prevent injuries throughout the body that can affect an athlete's life and enhance performance. Building upon the foundational work for athletes, SheepMedical and JPA will also develop insoles for children and the general public.

"This is an exciting partnership in an area primed for disruption," said Hirotaka Higashi, Chief Marketing Officer of SheepMedical. "We're driven to create innovative products to foster healthier lifestyles. Podiatry is a new business vertical for us, but our success in preventative healthcare and our willingness to deploy creative problem solving to challenges humans face set us apart in the space. We believe, through our work with JPA, we will innovate and push forward the science of podiatry."

JPA's research suggests effective alignment contributes to improving the central axis of the body and the position of the pelvis. By adjusting the height of the treads in the neutral position (a state in which the burden on the bones, joints, muscles, and ligaments of the body is minimal, and motor and circulatory functions are efficient) with insole-type orthotics, foot pressure is distributed, and alignment can be adjusted. The partnership will build upon research conducted by Dr. Chugo Rinoie, the president of JPA, who began practicing podiatric surgery in 1994. While working as the Director of the Department of Podiatric Surgery at the Methodist Hospital of Southern California, Dr. Rinoie developed treatments using foot orthotics and wound care as a foot specialist, contributing significantly to the study of podiatry. Dr. Rinoie is known as the developer of insole-type orthotics.

Dr. Rinoie currently serves as the President of JPA and is an Invited Professor in the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine. Previously, he served as the Chief of Podiatric Surgery at Methodist Hospital of Southern California for 19 years. Dr. Rinoie earned his California Board Certification in Podiatric Surgery in 1994, US Board Certification of Podiatric Surgery and Wound Care in 1997 and 1999, respectively, and holds an undergraduate degree from Chapman University in California.

The "Foot and Body Institute"

SheepMedical has launched a concept website, the "Foot and Body Institute," to improve the literacy of biomechanics-based podiatry in Japan. The site is live and can be found here

While podiatry is a professional qualification in the United States and other European countries, it has not been established in Japan. As a result, the knowledge of biomechanics related to the body axis, including the foot, is served through general practice MDs without specialization in podiatric science. The general public is not sufficiently educated on the health issues related to foot and foot diseases.

This concept site aims to convey the basics of biomechanics, foot health, and provide research encouraging literacy in podiatry and the relationship between the axis of the body, how to fit shoes correctly, and how to take care of the feet daily. SheepMedical and JPA intend to contribute to preventative healthcare efforts, foot diseases, and disorders related to the feet by disseminating this knowledge.

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