Announcement - new board members appointed

We are pleased to announce that Motohiko Sugiyama and Kenichi Sasaki were newly elected and appointed as Director at the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders held on April 5, 2024.

Profile of Motohiko Sugiyama
B.S. in Faculty of Engineering, Kyoto University
M.S. in Engineering, Kyoto University
Joined Panasonic Corporation, engaged in technology development and new business planning
Apr. 2020: Joined Dental Assist Inc.(now SheepMedical Inc.)
Apr. 2024: Appointed as Director and General Manager of Manufacturing Division

Profile of Kenichi Sasaki
B.A. in Law, Kyoto University
Graduated from Osaka University Law School
After registering as a lawyer, worked at a law firm in Tokyo.
December 2020: Joined Dental Assist Inc. (now SheepMedical Inc.)
Apr. 2023 Appointed Manager of Administrative Department
Apr. 2024: Appointed Director and General Manager of Administrative Division