《About product》
SheepMedical aligners are made of thin, elastic, and transparent materials created with 3D scanning data of patients.

《Characteristics of aligner correction》
Aligners are a modern orthodontic treatment method used to align the teeth. As digital technology advanced, the treatment has been improved over the last two decades. We develop  aligners with unprecedented accuracy by using digital technology and fine technique of well-trained dental technicians. Aligners are designed according to the patient’s preferred treatment timeline and can be replaced every few weeks in a fixed sequence. When worn for 20 or more hours a day, aligners apply subtle pressure to the teeth that adjusts them to their ideal position.  
Our aligners are made of thin, transparent elastic material, allowing for functionality and comfort. The removable nature of the device allows patients to maintain their lifestyle habits while correcting their teeth. The thin, smooth, and hygienic features of our product do not cause harm to the oral cavity. Additional benefits include simultaneous teeth whitening during the orthodontic treatment. Demand for aligner treatment continues to increase with improvements to 3D printer accuracy, aligner materials, and the advent of supplementary treatment.  

《Characteristics of our aligner production》
SheepMedical aligners and various peripheral devices are developed with unprecedented accuracy as patented technical products. Our use of digital technology and computer modeling software allows us to accurately design tooth movement and fabricate aligners to apply optimal light forces throughout the orthodontic treatment. 

Arch Expanders

《About product》
Arch expanders widen the dental arch width and have been primarily used in pediatric orthodontic treatments to create the necessary space for teeth to grow properly.
SheepMedical offers patented arch expanders for combined use with aligners.

Indirect bonding

《About the indirect bonding method》
At SheepMedical, our indirect bonding trays are manufactured with a 3D printer, and the bracket position can be adjusted in micron units.  

《Indirect bonding tray》
Traditional wire orthodontics require a direct bonding method, or the adherence of brackets and archwires to a patient’s teeth. In comparison, our indirect bonding method utilizes trays to bond and fix brackets to a patient’s teeth, allowing  for easier delivery, shortening duration of bracket bonding, and more accurate bracket placement. This method is now widely used in traditional bracket orthodontic treatments due to its many advantages.